Frequently asked questions - FAQ

1. Q:How to display the position after I registered as a seller?

     Answer: After you register your Seller program generates the first 100 positions, and gives you (usually within days). At this point you can put your books using a Personal Account with the string "Add position." Which is under "Antiques"


2. Q: Describe my interaction as a seller with the buyer about the order position?
    Answer: The buyer, putting the position will contact you via Personal Area as a message comes in the Personal Cabinet and to your mailbox.

-You tell the Buyer payment details and method of payment, or answer his questions.

The book-in this case goes into the "Favorite."

After-sales of the book you are moving it into the "Sold".
If the sale has not occurred you change the status of the book in the graph editing positions on the "For Sale".


3. Q: I can not enter the Personal Cabinet - forgot my password.

Answer: this link will go to the line password recovery

 4. Q: In which section I put the manuscript up for sale.

A: Manuscripts can be set in a Category - Document. Group headings - Letters, manuscripts, notes.


5. Q: How do I add or change photos exhibited books and other items?

A: To edit and add pictures you have to go to the Dashboard folder on sale. In the Status column of your position, click on the pencil icon (edit character) - page opens Editing position. There is a field change images. click on the button - Select the file and substitute image files.

6. Q:How to advertise on the search for a book?

A: To request a book you need, you have to register on the site and place your request by clicking "Add" button in the column Looking for books, which is located in the upper right corner of any page. "Add" button at the bottom of this column.