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- Book, journal, almanac

- Postcard

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- Maps, globes, engravings

- Newspaper

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- Label, pack, box


- Porcelain, pottery and other ceramics

- Cast

- Glassware

- Small plastic

- Toys

- Tools, machinery and equipment

- Antique furniture and decorative items

- Film films and filmstrips

- Paintings, drawings, icons

- Clocks & Watches

- Lamps, sconces and light fixtures

- Optics and optical instruments

- Woven and nonwoven materials and articles thereof

- Accessories for Travelling and Traveller

- Antique accessories for pets and plants

- Other household appliances and items  

- Tools and props for the music and spectacle

- Vehicles and their components

- Objects of animate nature and minerals

In addition, you can search to fill in forms or descriptions of their books, as well as for any other purpose to use the opportunity to recruit, retain and print texts in old spelling, which is especially necessary when dealing with pre-revolutionary books and other materials.